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If you enjoyed your stay in our Hotel Harrington and in Washington, D.C., and would like to share your experiences with others, please send a letter to our General Manager, Ms. Ann Terry. If you include a brief statement that we have your permission to publish the letter, we will try to post it on this page for others to read. Click here to view more guest experiences from 2007 and later.

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

May 2006

Hello there, I stayed at the Hotel Harrington in May of 2005 for a college semester trip, the location is by far the greatest asset! It was amazing how close it was to pretty much everything of interest, it cut our walking time easily in half compared to previous trips. The decor in the hotel is richly classical, and it seems almost as if one were still in the twenties while enjoying their stay. The rates are unbeatable for the place you get. I would recommend staying at the Harrington to anyone and everyone, and I will certainly be visiting again very soon.
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May 2006

From its appearances, the Harrington looks a bit tired. My room is small, tidy and functional. I am sure the rooms all have stories to tell. The front desk and all the services the Harrington provides is excellent, on par with those "grand" hotel chains but without the price. I am unsure when I will get back to Washington DC (I live in Washington state) but I would definitely stay here again and will recommend to others.
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April 2006

I love staying at the Harrington. First visited the Harrington in Oct 2004  with a friend, returned for a week in July 2005 with three granddaughters and again in Jan 2006 with my daughter. I have recommended the Harrington to several friends. Staff are efficient and friendly. The best location in DC.! Particularly enjoyed our room in July 2005. It was perfect with my three granddaughters. We enjoyed dining outdoors at Harry's. Food and service are great. Keep up the good work. Your affordable rates and safe environment allowed me to share the wonderful DC experience with my granddaughters. My thanks to the Harrington's owners and staff.
Dear Hotel Harrington,

February 2006

We have visited Washington DC 5 times since September and always stayed at Hotel Harrington. We now probably won't be back for a couple of years. Thank you for all your work and providing an adequate hotel in Washington DC.

Here are two keys we didn't get returned last time.

Thanks again,
Pam H.

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January 2006

I was looking for a good stay and ended up with a great one.  Thanks for being so close to everything.  I thought I'd have to catch a cab to the MCI Center but decided walking was more convenient and helped me get a better view of the area.  The Capitol, Old Post Office, FBI Building and many more were well within walking distance.  The breakfast in the Blue Plate was by far the best I have ever had, the ribs in Harry's were wonderful and Ollies Trolley was great for a quick snack.  Thank you for making my stay in DC a memorable one (for the right reasons!!)

Visitor from UK

Managing Director,

November 2005

This letter is to thank your staff for making our stay at the Hotel Harrington very enjoyable. My husband Bill and I stayed at the Hotel from October 29 through November 3, 2005. When we got back home, I realized I must have left my cell phone charger in the room. Upon inquiry, hotel housekeeping personnel confirmed that the charger had, in fact, been left in the room. The charger was shipped to our home within the week.

Throughout our stay, we encountered a very courteous staff - registration, housekeeping, gift shop and restaurants. In addition, the very prompt return of my cell phone charger was above and beyond the call of duty.

This is the second time I've stayed at the Hotel Harrington, and you can be sure that I'll make that my lodging choice again if I return to Washington, D.C.

Thanks again,
Carol T.

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

October 2005

We received excellent service during our stay. We stayed at an upscale hotel in NYC in July 2005. The service there was nothing compared to yours! We especially appreciate the service we received from Jorge, Felipe, Ian, the gift shop attendants, the Blue Plate staff, and the young man at the front desk this morning who helped me get a flat tire fixed allowing us to get home on time. Smoke from the lounge was unpleasant in the lobby.
from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

October 2005

The Harrington Hotel is one of my favorite hotels. Even though it is an older hotel, the great location, great price, friendly staff and clean rooms more than make up for the hotel's age. I was in the travel business for 18 years and have stayed in top rated hotels. The Harrington's location and price can not be beat. I always recommend the hotel to anyone that is traveling to DC. In fact, my great niece said "The Harrington Hotel is my favorite hotel and I am going to live there when I grow up". So be prepared because in about 3 years you will receive a call from a Texas Teenager inquiring about extended living arrangements!!

Jeannie B.

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

October 2005

What a great experience! As I shared with Ms. Ann, I've stayed in many hotels and motels and all have their unique characteristics - yours is the people that work there, the history of the building and the location. I appreciate the price of the rooms and the rate courtesy you extended to me on both legs of my visit. You make it affordable to be downtown. I know the Hotel business is tough but I hope to find you on my next journey to Washington.

God Bless your people and their service.
Roger E.

To Whom it my concern:

October 2005

My husband and I wish to thank you for your kindness and hospitality! We have enjoyed our visit very much. We are looking forward to returning to your hotel with our son Nikolas as soon as we have more free time. Your staff have been most helpful. If people we know want to know of a friendly hotel which is close to all of the attractions we will give them your name. Again thanks for a wonderful time.

Sincerely the F. family

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

July 2005

I spent five days at the Harrington for business. The reservationist (Judy in Minnesota) was wonderful.
Dear Sir/Madam,

July 2005

We would like to take this opportunity to "Thank You" for a wonderful stay in your Hotel. Arrival date July 7, 2005 and Departure date July 10, 2005 (Room 844). Our daughter is a D.A.R. member who paged at Continental Congress. All of your staff should be complimented on such hospitality that we experienced every moment we spent inside your establishment. We have never encountered such fine manners and warm welcomes from your employees behind the front desk as well as the cleaning ladies. Anytime we had a question they were more than willing to answer and aide us above and beyond regular employees.

On July 10, 2005, upon departing we inadvertently left our carrying on bag in the lobby of your Hotel. Your quick thinking employees did not hesitate to track down another guest member of the D.A.R. to hand deliver our luggage to another hotel to give to our State Regeant who in turned kept it for us to pick up. If this bag was never returned to us it would have been costly as one of our family members who traveled with us was disabled and all her medications were left inside the carry on bag. PLEASE extend our much appreciation to all involved that secured our personal belongings. Many thanks to all of your staff.

We hope to make another visit next year for the National Convention of the D.A.R. members. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Mr. & Mrs. & Family

Dear Hotel Manager,

July 2005

Special thanks to the maid who took care or our room. She was VERY POLITE, SWEET, and you should be thankful to have a employee as great as her. I had a small request and she went out of her way to help us. I will recommend your hotel to others.

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

June 2005

My mother, son and I had a most memorable time at your Hotel Harrington. We are from Dayton, Ohio. I have never met a more efficient, friendly, courteous and professional staff. Upon our arrival the front desk gentleman helped us with directions to the garage, made me aware that at any hotel I can use an alternate credit card other than the one I used to make the reservations and made all of us feel quite welcome, it had been a tiring day. My mother was so impressed with the housekeeper, who had found a backing to my mother's earring and had placed it on the tray on top of the fridge. When it was time to go, the lady at the front desk gave us perfect directions as to how to leave Washington and they were perfect directions, we left without a hitch. I cannot wait until we go back to visit Washington again and stay at Hotel Harrington. All we have are fond memories of our stay and 3 souvenir coffee mugs from your gift store. Thank you for everything and don't ever change.
Dear Hotel Manager,

June 2005

Thank you so very much for allowing our group of Pastors' Prayer Partners, their parents, and our staff to stay at the Hotel Harrington during the week of June 6-10, 2005. All of us will remember this experience and how you were willing to provide us with excellent service. We appreciate all of your accommodations.

We also wanted to thank the Blue Plate Cafe. The food was absolutely delicious. We really enjoyed waking up to a fabulous breakfast buffet and coming home to a wonderful dinner.

May God bless you and your staff.


Jana R.

Dear Hotel Manager,

June 2005

We enjoyed our stay and the employees of the Hotel Harrington were very nice and helpful. The rates make this a very affordable place plus the location is 5-Star. The Blue Diner was very good for breakfast. We purchased most of our souvenirs in the Gift Shop. They were very helpful with all of our tours and questions. I would recommend this Hotel to my friends.
Dear Hotel Manager,

June 2005

The hotel staff were all very kind and extremely helpful. I know I asked them questions every time I passed them and they always answered with a smile. This is very important to me. I can't stand a rude person. Also, I realize the hotel is old, but I thought it was very clean. No odors, no bugs, etc. I will recommend the Hotel Harrington to my friends and family. Thanks for a wonderful stay.
Dear Mrs. Terry,

April 2005

America Trip

I write to express my appreciation of the service offered by your hotel during our recent school visit. All our pupils were impressed by the hotel and made comment on the standard of cleanliness and service they experienced. Staff members with the party were equally impressed and decided it was the best hotel of our trip (we were in Boston and New York earlier) and indeed, superior to the 5 star hotel we stayed at in Boston.

On a personal note, I found all the staff to be very helpful and courteous and would recommend your hotel to any future party.

Thanks for making our stay in Washington memorable.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. D.
Party Leader

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

March 2005

We loved your hotel.  The main reason we selected your hotel is that our  last name is Harrington. If we are in the Washington D.C. area again we will stay at the hotel because of the rates and the location, plus it is a great hotel.

Thank you for a great stay,
The Harrington Family from Texas

Dear Reservations,

November 2004

Please pass this information on to Ann Terry the Managing Director.

On Nov 17th 2004 Joseph was working on the overnight desk. I needed a room and he went out of his way to make it easy for me to stay at your hotel. Joseph is a wonderful resource for your hotel. I will now recommend  your hotel to all my friends who will be traveling to DC.

Please pass on my thanks to Joseph for doing such a wonderful job.

John C. CPP
Principal Consultant
Security Solutions

Dear Kim,

October 2004

Thank you so much for accommodating my room requests during my recent stay with my 83 year old father. When traveling with an elderly person, there are many little details that can either make a trip pleasant or a challenge. It was great to have a first floor room (quick exit in case of fire), the handrail and rubber mat in the bathroom for safety and the refrigerator for his special diet.

Because of the new WWII Memorial, I finally convinced him to make his first trip to D.C. He enjoyed everything, including the metro. Without a place like Hotel Harrington, we would never have been able to enjoy a wonderful week's stay in downtown D.C. Thank you for providing such a great place for tourists.

Sandy P.

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

October 2004

I came to visit with my school from Wales, UK. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at your hotel, and sometimes would want to stay there rather than visit some of the sights!  Excellent hotel.
Dear Ann,

October 2004

I arrived home in Oregon City, Oregon after two weeks of R & R with my daughter and grandchildren in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Vivian and I enjoyed some more beautiful, sunny Autumn weather there, and were able to rest up after our busy week in Washington, D.C.

My cousin, Anna, had a connecting flight home to Portland, so she didn't accompany us to Naperville.

We all had such a wonderful time on our 8-day vacation, seeing a variety of tourist attractions and taking special tours with passes from our Senator Wyden's office.  But the highlight of our visit was seeing the World War II Memorial. I hope that you can take time from your busy schedule to go see it yourself. It was an emotional experience for us.

Again, I want to thank you for giving us adjoining rooms when we registered. And, how special that you remembered us as the two ladies from Oregon after 12 years! Our stay at the Hotel Harrington was like "coming home" at the end of a busy day. We appreciated all of your courteous help and the friendly atmosphere generated by all the staff.

Enclosed in the itinerary of our Washington, C.C. trip. Hope you and your staff enjoy reading it -- in your spare time! Thanks again, and God Bell You All.

Most sincerely,

Virginia M.
Oregon City, Oregon

Attn:  Management Staff

September 2004

I want to thank everyone for their friendly and respectful courtesy. In all the years I have attended (AARP and as a chaperone for Miss Indian USA) conferences, your staff made all of us natives feel extremely welcome.

Thank you,

Delores S.
Florissant, Missouri

Dear Hotel Harrington

July 2004

We recently spent five nights with you. I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience and compliment you on your hotel and staff.

Your hotel is centrally located, clean, comfortable and exceptionally reasonable in price. We were in a room with a king bed, a living room area with a microwave and refrigerator, and two bathrooms. I would have expected to pay almost twice as much nightly for such a luxurious amount of space right in the heart of the city.

Beyond the physical accoutrements of your establishment, I was also incredibly impressed with your staff. The maids were unbelievably thorough and considerate. Please let me provide two specific examples. 1) The sheets were changed daily and were a different color each night! What a nice surprise and a homey touch! 2) One morning I was in a rush to begin sightseeing and left a pile of laundry in a corner on the floor.  When I returned, the maid had folded my laundry and placed it neatly on my suitcase!  This action was completely unexpected, but oh, so appreciated.

Your lobby staff was also helpful and accommodating. I bought evening tour bus tickets in your gift shop and the pick-up bus was running late. Without even being asked, a young man called the company not once but twice to verify that the bus was en route. He also checked on me approximately every ten minutes while I waited. So considerate.

Another evening we wanted to go our to dinner and asked the front desk for a restaurant suggestion. The desk clerks did even better than simply recommending a restaurant; they produced a printed list of nearby restaurants and directions to them. It got even better! Next they shared a thick binder of all the menus for our perusal. Again, this patience and desire to assist certainly made a positive impression on me and significantly enhanced my stay in Washington, D.C.

Once again, I would like to compliment your entire hotel and thank you for such a wonderful stay. I have already recommended you to several people and if I return to Washington, I will certainly return to your establishment.

Rebecca C.

Dear Ms. Terry,

June 2004

I am back in Australia after another wonderful trip to Washington and another stay at the Harrington.

Thank you to you and your staff for a terrific stay and for their wonderful service. I look forward to my next stay.

2 of my friends were in another hotel in a not so great neighborhood and were able to change to your hotel which is of course the best placed hotel in DC.

Thanks again.

Phil Y.

Dear Ms. Terry

June 2004

My friend Sylvia and I recently spent four nights at your hotel. Upon reaching Dallas airport for our return trip to California we discovered we had forgotten to turn in our keys to Room 206 of your hotel. Please accept our apology for the oversight! Enclosed are the two keys.

I'd like to take this opportunity to compliment the staff at Hotel Harrington. Sylvia and I found staff members to be both accommodating and friendly. We especially appreciated the assistance, patience and kindness Julianna (night desk) provided in making our visit to your city a great experience. She was always kind and smiling.

Thank you.

MaryAnn W. and Sylvia H.
Napa Valley and San Martin, California

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