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If you enjoyed your stay in our Hotel Harrington and in Washington, D.C., and would like to share your experiences with others, please send a letter to our General Manager, Ms. Ann Terry. If you include a brief statement that we have your permission to publish the letter, we will try to post it on this page for others to read. Click here to view more guest experiences from 2006 and earlier.

from Fax

March 2013

Dear Sir,
I would like to thank you. We had a wonderful time at your hotel. The staff was wonderful, and the rooms very clean. We will recommend you to our friends.
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June 2012

I had a large group with me for the 100yr anniversary of Girl Scouts. We had 11 rooms. Every room was fantastic! The rooms were very clean and well appointed for travel with groups. We had such a great time there and the location is PERFECT for anyone traveling with children. I am making reservations to return this fall with my family.
from Hotel Harrington's Group Visitors

November 2011


This is just to say thank you to you and to everybody at the Harrington on behalf of our group. Absolutely everything went like a charm. We enjoyed our stay in Washington and did everything we set out to do. The hotel exceeded our expectations. Special thanks to those in reception who were able to solve every doubt we had and to the dining staff and manager for such a wonderful dining service.

We look forward very much to coming back next year around about the same dates.

Best regards

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May 2011

Great value for our pockets.  Very helpful staff, great location.  Loved Ollie's, excellent food!!  Because we were able to stay so affordably, we are thinking of coming and staying again!!
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September 2010

I stayed here about 25 years ago, and returned because of the great rates, and you have not disappointed me. EVERYTHING was GREAT!!! I will return one day to DC and I will return to you.
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September 2010

Pleasantly surprised and very happy with our stay this week! Everyone from the front desk clerks to the housekeeping staff were friendly and accommodating. The room was clean and cozy. Nothing fancy but we knew this going in and we were very happy with our accommodations. Location is definitely a huge plus, as we were able to walk to almost everything we wanted to see and do. Thank you Hotel Harrington for a great vacation!
from E-mail

September 2010

My husband and I were visiting Washington D.C. for the Glenn Beck rally on September 28th.  We stayed with my sister and her husband at the Hotel Harrington for two nights.  My husband left his TranFone in the room when we checked out on Sunday morning.  I didn't expect to get it back but one of your honest employees turned it in.  I want to express my thanks to the hotel and the staff for their honesty.  Thanks again.


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September 2010

Our first room wasn't best suited for our needs. Management was notified and Jorge immediately fixed the problem. We were moved to another room and in fact upgraded with no expense to us. This immediately made our trip a pleasant one. The front desk was very helpful in many ways. Jessie was excellent in helping with directions and even took time to find schedules for us and have them ready for the next day. We enjoyed our stay with you and have no complaints about the hotel and praise the exceptional helpfulness of it's staff.

from Tennessee

September 2010

Dear Ann,

Please find enclosed two keys which we forgot to turn in when we checked out of room 512 on September 15th, 2010.  I apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.

Once again we certainly enjoyed our stay and hope that your hotel continues to operate as it always has for many years to come.  The location, decor, convenient restaurants and helpful staff are just a few of the reasons we always stay at your hotel on our trips to Washington, D.C..

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and please contact me if you have any questions whatsoever.

Frank F.
Attorney at Law,

from E-mail

July 2010

Dear Yolanda,

Thank you for your kindness each time we come to visit DC. You are always a bright spot during our visit. Your friendly smile and greeting are most appreciated by us and Tobin.

You are a major reason we come to stay at the Hotel Harrington.

Hope to see you soon.

Lynn & Tobin

from E-mail

May 2010

Dear Customer Service,

My name is Khai Pham, our family stayed at your hotel from June 21st-June 28th 2010.  I just want to let you know that our staying was very nice, we have a nice time in DC in part due to the hotel. Although the hotel was a little old, the accommodation were very good, the experience at Harrington Hotel very special, your staffs were nice and courteous, the location was excellent especially for first timers  in DC.

Please send our special thanks to Mr. Binh Quach, the maintenance engineer at your hotel. We have made a new friend in DC indeed!

Thank you,

Khai & Tori Sean, Ben

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

May 2010

What a great hotel! Harry's restaurant was great with the best homemade soups and you are served a very large amount of food. A great place to stay right in the middle of the city. Prepare to walk a lot and enjoy the sights. I recommend getting off the beaten path and check out the National Arboretum Gardens it's breath taking. Thanks Jessie, at the front desk, for recommending Chinatown's Garden Express restaurant - oh my gosh the best noodles ever.

from Griffin, GA

April 2010 re: May 1969

Please forward to Ms Terry:

I wanted to let you know that I stayed in your hotel as a 6th grader in May of 1969 with the School Patrol from Griffin, GA. Someone posted a picture on Facebook today so I decided to Google it to see if it was still there. I couldn't believe my eyes. I have so many fond memories of that trip. There were 6 or 7 bus loads of us. I remember having to stand in line for the restaurant that was I think on the street level.  One day during the trip, me and  a friend of mine went down to the lobby at 4:00am so as to not have to wait.

Another was the gift shop the lobby. I remember buying the miniature Washington Monuments for my family.

 I have only returned to Washington DC once since then and was in 2008 passing through on my way to Philadelphia, so I saw very little. Hope to come again soon and maybe I'll try to stay at the Hotel Harrington!

Thanks for the memories!
Donnie B.

from Troy, NY

April 2010

To the Owners and Staff of Hotel Harrington:

Thank you very much for your hospitality during my and my husband's stay last week. April 9 through the 12th. It was our very first trip to Washington, D.C. and we really didn't have any preconceptions about where to stay. Your budget-friendly price, location, and your status as a family-owned business were major factors in our decision to stay at Hotel Harrington, and from the moment we walked through your doors we were charmed and thrilled! Our room was very neatly kept, clean, and comfortable, and
our stay was very quiet as well. Your location is outstanding and could not be beaten.

One of your most helpful services that you provided to us was your list of nearby shops and restaurants. As we did not have a car, we used your recommendations for restaurants for nearly every meal - leaving nothing to disappoint. Among our favorites was Gifford's, the Mayur Kabob House, Ella's, and Capital City Brewery. We had such a pleasant and positive experience with you that I will be writing a positive review on, which is something I never do. We will definitely be staying with you again and recommending Hotel Harrington to any of our friends and family who may he traveling to DC in the future.

If you are ever considering renovations or improvements, I would suggest that adding an entrance either on the other side of the building (such as near Ollie's Trolley) or near the side entrance to Harry's. Especially for a customer who used Elevator 3, it was an inconvenience to have to walk around the building only to physically walk to the back of the building once inside.

Thank you again for your friendly staff, economical pricing, and orderly accommodations. Hotel Harrington certainly added to the charm of an ideal vacation in Washington, D.C.

Julianne M.

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

April 2010

Wanted to tell you how pleased we were with our stay over the past week, we were there from April 2nd - 8th. One thing that truly stuck out was your Customer Service Employee Jesse. From the moment we checked in Jesse was a huge helpl! Anything from trying to figure out the NC situation the first night, to getting us a fan, to replacing the bed mattress, to assisting LIS with walking directions, to instructions on how to use the city bus and subway...Jesse was there for US every step of the way. There was even an incident where our TV remote needed replacing and he brought another one up to our room himself, and stayed to insure it worked before he left. Although the staff were nice and helpful, Jesse's quality of customer service through his patients and listening to our needs, along with his nice smile sets the highest standards and certainly deserves recognition.

If ever we make another trip to D.C. the Hotel Harrington will be the place we stay, not only because of the location, but because of the quality of customer service we are most certainly to receive. Thank you for helping make our first trip to our Nations Capital a memorable one.

Ed, Josie, & Mom Ginny

from New York, NY

April 2010

I am a U.S. tour escort with a group of 80 British guests (72 students, 8 teachers) who stayed at the Hotel Harrington April 8-10.  I am compelled to take the time to write a letter of commendation for how amazingly well the Hotel Harrington handles groups with professionalism, patience, efficiency and pleasantness.

In particular, Jesse at the front desk (who was at all hours on duty - does he ever go home?!) was consistently on top of any questions/concerns and handled them extremely proficiently and pleasantly for my group and me.

I also highly commend Chuck Miller and food servers for their extraordinary food, service, attention, pleasantness and efficiency. With such a large group as mine it is not an easy feat but Mr. Miller and his staff provided it. The buffet dinner they served on our arrival eve was EXCELLENT, serving plenty of healthful, fresh food in a proficient, attentive, cheerful manner, all keenly overseen by Mr. Miller.

KUDOS TO ALL!  They have made my group's and my experience at the Hotel Harrington and visit to Washington, D.C. very positive and we thank you for that.


Betty V.
Focus Travel

from Woodstock, CT

October 2009

My wife and I would like to express our appreciation to the staff at the Hotel Harrington for an excellent stay from October 10-18, 2009.  In our discussions with several people staying at the Hotel, there was overwhelming agreement that the Harrington provides the opportunity for visitors to stay in the heart of the Penn District near excellent theater, museums and dining at an affordable cost.  Congratulations to your staff for their assistance and consideration. We intend to return next year for another fine experience.


Peter W.

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

August 2009

We would like to acknowledge one of your employees who was outstanding and very helpful during our stay.  His name is Jessie and he works your front desk. He was awesome. You should be glad to have such an employee working here.

Thanks Jessie - you made our vacation great, really helpful.

God Bless

Lauren M.

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

July 2009

Dear Ann,

I stayed at your hotel last week, July 28th - July 30th and I wanted to take a moment and tell you that what the hotel lacked in "newness and amenities" it more than made up for in location and the attention and courtesy that I, and my nephews received from your hotel staff, from the housekeeper, to Harriet's and most especially from the concierge "dude". When I got lost coming into DC, he stayed on the phone with me and talked me in. He helped me with every question I had while there, and even "babysat" the boys when I went to get my vehicle from the parking garage. He is an asset to your hotel.

I have already recommended the hotel to a few of my friend who regularly visit DC, and I am coming back in the fall and will definitely stay with you again. Please feel free to post this letter on your website and also, I found you on Yahoo Travel & Travelocity, so you can put this there too as my recommendation of your hotel.

Loretta F.

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

July 2008

I am writing this letter to highly commend your employee, Gail.

Prior to my retirement I worked in the service industry for 35 years and I so appreciate good service when I get it.

I made a reservation at your hotel for July 4th. I was traveling from N.C. with my grandson, and I was running a little late so I called the hotel to advise them of my delay and was graciously told by Gail my room was secure. I asked her if my instructions for your exit were correct and she informed me they normally were, however, due to the fireworks several exits had been closed and I could no longer use those instructions. I panicked.

She then started to give me alternate instructions but since I was driving and my grandson couldn't take them I asked her if I could call her back when I could stop and actually write down her instructions. She informed me that she was heading home; she gave me her personal cell phone number and asked me to call her when I stopped. I stopped at the first opportunity and called her. She proceeded to give me all new instructions and told me to call her when I got closer or got into any problems. I didn't even get a change to call her before she called me to check up on my status. This she did until I was actually right in front of your hotel.

Had it not been for her help and calm demeanor, my grandson and I would definitely have not reached the hotel in time for the beautiful fireworks. He claims this was the best vacation he has ever had and I have Gail to thank for this.

Again, thank you.

Migdalia M.

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

July 2008

I am writing to let you know what a gem of an employee you have in the person of Felipe. When we arrived at your hotel early, delivered by a cabbie who overcharged us and then left our luggage sitting in the middle of the road, Felipe came to our rescue. He apologized for the system now used by the cab companies, retrieved our luggage from the road and helped us inside. He took our luggage to the storage area and helped us with directions. During our stay, whenever he saw us, he was polite and helpful. On our last morning I called downstairs inquiring about a shuttle to Dulles Airport and was told by a female employee that there was no way I could arrange a shuttle as that had to be done 24 hours ahead--period. I went to the lobby and told Felipe of my concerns regarding taking a taxi in lieu of the hefty price charged for just the short distance between the train depot and your hotel. He immediately said he would see what he could do and in a matter of minutes had a shuttle pick-up arranged for us. Whenever I tipped him he acted almost embarrassed.

I hope this young man is appreciated by your staff, he certainly made our stay in your hotel more enjoyable.

Janice B.

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

July 2007

Most of the fancy amenities and facilities are wasted on me at hotels these days. I loved finding a hotel that didn't have the "extras",and could therefore charge less. It had everything I needed, especially the best location of any Washington hotel, regardless of cost. I even liked that it was older, not a new, anonymous cloned box. I'd pay extra for movies on demand, but otherwise didn't miss a thing. Very friendly staff.

I wouldn't stay anywhere else the next time I'm in Washington.

from a Foreign Embassy

May 2007

I have been staying at Harrington Hotel for over thirty years. My last stay was from March 3 to March 17/2007 in Rm. 535. Kindly accommodate in the same room, if possible, for tradition sake.

S. Zahid

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

May 2007

My son and I stayed at the Harrington Hotel about 20 years ago when he  was 9 years old because we had seen an ad in the Smithsonian Magazine and I'm so glad we did. We had a wonderful time and when I decided to take this second trip by myself the Harrington was the first place I thought of.

The location is perfectly situated for convenience to all the best places. I have told all my friends and family that if they go to Washington for a visit they should stay at the Harrington.

Service was great and everyone is very friendly and helpful. And the food is great too at Harriets.

 I plan on returning in the near future for another visit and will definitely stay at the Harrington.

 Betty W

from Hotel Harrington's Online Exit Poll

February 2007

I don't know if you remember us. We stayed at your hotel on the way to Ethiopia to adopt our baby and were warmly welcomed back to your hotel the day we landed back in the US with him.

We will never forget the days we were in Ethiopia and longing for home. We would say "we can't wait until we are back at the Harrington". What a pleasant surprise to walk into your lobby and be so warmly welcomed. We felt like we were home. We will always consider Washington DC our second home.

Thank you for everything and we hope to stay with you again someday. 

Scott & Yvonne (Matthew too)

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